Integrating all elements of mind & body

The Shift

A Head, Heart & Body Breakthrough

Have you ever thought there is more to life than the same old day in day out routine?


Feeling stuck, unmotivated, unclear?

Are your ready to live your life fully?

The time is NOW!


Are you ready to step away from your daily routine, habits and patterns. Imagine taking mindful strides through a peaceful environment which allows the door to new opportunity open up. 

A safe and secure space to expand your heart, clear your mind and release and renew yourself. A new environment and new energy to make the shifts you know are possible in a place and space that takes you away from the old to reconnect, cleanse and renew. Often it's best to physically and mentally step away to allow the  release of old patterns and behaviors and create healthy new ones and journey to self discovery. 

Break the cycle, make the shift, join me on my next retreat and reclaim your power, align your intentions with your most authentic self and discover that anything is possible. 

From India to Iowa, I love leading workshops and retreats locally and abroad, near &  far I am always excited to expand! 

We are all teachers and we are all students.  If you'd like me to teach or co-collaborate at your event please feel free to reach out and connect!