The  SHIFT: a head, heart & body breakthrough



Welcome to the first day 

of the rest of your life!

Congratulations for saying 

"YES - I am ready, I am here, I am Shifting and on my way to bringing my dreams into reality!" 

And in my dreams, I dream of making your dreams a reality too!

This is not the path for the average person, and you, my friend, are not average. 




















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This is where you will meet fellow Shift Members. Please say hi, introduce yourself, tell us where you are from, and what your goals are with this program!  This group was created so you can share success stories, ask advice, and get support in a SAFE and FRIENDLY environment. 


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Psychology: Your Beliefs. What are the beliefs you have formed? What does your inner world look like? How are those beliefs translating in your outer world?


Body: Your Physical body. Not just the outside reflection the mirror, but how you feel on the inside as well, your body as a whole.


Emotions: How we understand our emotions. Where they are originating from. What they mean. How we accept them. How we process them.

Brain: The nature of how your brain works. What gets prioritized in your brain. How your brain function deeply impacts your psychology and language.


Language: What you say and how you say it. What the meanings of these words have for you. What you really mean when you say what you say. What assumptions you make when you say something.

Community: People around you. The ones that we are constantly communicating with. People who we may communicate sparingly, but whose conversation impacts us profoundly.

Through the SHIFT: a Head, Heart and Body BREAKTHROUGH,

We  will be integrating your human ecosystem and looking at these elements so that you can create the most balance in your daily life!

Create change in each of these areas and you

WILL create a SHIFT in your life, not just a temporary SHIFT,

rather a beautiful bold SHIFT, a new way of living kind of SHIFT!


Especially if your Internet isn't that fast, to make the videos run smoothly instead of lagging, make sure you download Google Chrome ( and also do the following a few minutes before you want to work out:

Press PLAY on the video. Right when it starts playing, press PAUSE. This will let the video load for a while. Do this for all videos you plan to watch, in advance

Wait a few minutes, and now press PLAY again on whatever you want to watch, and then the videos should run normally.


Of course, if you have technical issues, let Support know ( immediately and they can help you directly.


This course is designed to give you an effective Shift to transform your head, heart and body. I created it especially for those, like me, who are wanting a guided course that covers ALL areas, mental, physical & emotional to create a more balance life.


You are welcome to take this course at your own pace. However, I encourage you to do your guided meditation every day to build your foundation for a clear mind and open heart each day. I prefer RPM - rise, pee, meditate! YES- right when I wake up, pee and go for it. When I do it first thing in the morning it sets a tone for my day. I feel grounded, energized & confident. Make a commitment to yourself to one thing everyday for each part Head, Heart & Body. 



The movement in this program is a mix of repeating fitness moves to build functional balance, cardio health, muscle tone and strength, AND my more organic-style of fun and challenging movements to activate and motivate you mentally, physically and emotionally! 

This means you'll be flowing AND strengthening. Please remember that these workouts are meant to be tough & challenging, you will work up to them. It's not going to be easy, but it should be attainable, especially if you allow yourself to get curious, try things out, modify if needed and do your own thing whenever you want! Seriously- if you want to stop and have your own little DANCE PARTY instead- go for it - just keep moving and join back when you can! MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO WHAT YOU CAN - even if it's only one time- something that's good for you is ALWAYS better than doing nothing!

I have included modifications in your workout videos, but the most important part is that you keep moving to keep the heart rate up, learn new things and HAVE FUN! If it's a new movement and feels strange, great, go with the flow and do your best. Remember always warm up and always cool down!


I hope you enjoy the nutritional information and recipes. These are useful ideas about what can work to support you during and after this program. Incorporate this knowledge into your daily food choices every day if it applies to you. Use the ones that appeal to you and discard the ones that don't. They all add up to a vision and roadmap to eating more in alignment with your goals of balancing the head, heart and body! 

The Shift recipes are fun suggestions (certainly not mandatory) for you to create fresh and exciting new ways to eat healthy. Take what works and change make it your own in you so desire! They are there to inspire you about how simple and delicious it can be to fuel yourself right.

Thank you for saying YES to YOU and allowing me to guide you through your Shift experience.  If there is anything you need please reach out! 


Much Love, 


TheSHIFT: a Head, Heart & Body Breakthrough

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