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Step 1:  Writing Seemingly Impossible Goals
This, of course, is the obvious one. Write goals. Important to remember, make them outrageous. Don’t think from a place you are at right now. Think from the place where you want to be irrespective of where you are right now in life. That one is a common mistake. We set our vision from where we are in life and business instead of thinking where we want to go.

Step 2:  Remove timelines and Identify the 3 Most Wildly Important
The second crucial step is to remove timelines. We have an obsession with setting year long goals. They are horrid for our lives and constraint our imagination by laying such timeline. I invite you to remove your attachment from the timeline for achieving your goal. Once you remove the timeline, take the list of goals and identify three of the most important goals among the many you may have listed. Just the three that are wildly important to you!

Step 3:  Creating a Map Towards the Goal

The final step is to make a map towards these three goals. The act of making a map, a plan on how you would get to your goals forces our brain to think about it. As we think about it, we find ideas, strategies that stay otherwise hidden in our subconscious.


Most of us only end up writing our goals. We never get to identify the key ones or make a map or path towards getting it, which is arguably the step to make-it or break-it.

Goals themselves are useless.

Goals with plans and follow-through are powerful fuel for success.

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TheSHIFT: a Head, Heart & Body Breakthrough

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