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Holiday cheer is here?

Are you getting together with family this holiday season? This can be exciting, but daunting...

If so, you might already be anticipating petty disagreements, political debates, passive-aggressive comments and all the other kinds of family drama that can flare up.

Even the happiest family can fall into old dynamics and patterns. But I have 6 ways to avoid family drama and lean into the joy of the holidays!

I want to help you skip the drama (or handle it with grace if it comes up), so check out this post with tips that I know will help a lot!

Let’s be real: Many of us have family members who say or do things that push our buttons, even if it’s not that extreme, they just know how to get under our skin. And during the holidays you might be forced to sit around a dinner table with people you wouldn’t normally hang out with. You might have different ways of communicating & very conflicting view o the life and the world we live in

Here are some tools you can use to avoid that moment when you want to lose your cool.

1. A moment of internal gratitude for everyone

Before you sit down at the dinner table (or even before you walk in the door), say a little prayer. Pray that we all enjoy this gathering, the meal & conversation. Send them prayers to have a joyful gathering in this moment and a prosperous new year, fill them with your love and good wishes.

This offering puts you into a different energetic vibration. It elevates your energy by redirecting your focus. Instead of focusing on judgment, you focus on what you desire and what you wish for others and there is no doubt that others will feel this energy in the air and possibly reciprocate it.

2. Set boundaries from negative energy

If you know you’ll be sharing space with those who leave you feeling drained or depressed, simply create an energetic boundary to keep their energy from affecting you too much. Keeping in mind we’re all doing the best we can and we never know what someone is really going through.

Create these boundaries from a place of love rather than judgment. Some people don’t have a conscious awareness of their own energy, so by simply becoming mindful of how you can support and protect yours will help make this festive occasion be smooth sailing.

Imagine you are surrounded by a warm golden light, a like a bubble, soft & flexible but sturdy. In your bubble you are protected from any negative energy you encounter, it will just gently bounce off you.

3. If you do fall into the drama, forgive yourself FAST

We are human, it happens. We get sucked into drama and do the thing we don’t want to do. We yell, we saying things we don't mean, we harshly judge another. If or when this happens, take a deep breathe, and turn towards self love with a ton of compassion and forgiveness.

4. Focus on what you adore/ admire /enjoy about them

This take your "internal gratitude moment" to the next level. You can do at any moment. Think of one thing you like about each person, could be anything, at all, like how your Aunt Sue's sweet potatoes are to die for. Or how your sister-in-law loves to share her latest Pinterest wall.

Allow yourself to be comforted in feelings of love for those family members you’re very close to. Reminisce in all the things you appreciate about them and really feel that love and support.

Perhaps there is someone you have a really challenging relationship with and you can’t think of anything positive in the moment. It's okay. Perhaps think of a lesson you’ve learned because of that relationship and feel the appreciation for that.

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