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Six Reflections to Break Open Your Truth by Becoming Fulfilled, Grateful and Free

Will you go out smiling?

Study after study and it’s pretty unanimous. The common ingredients in living a satisfied life are found in those who live their lives feeling fulfilled, grateful and free of regrets & those who have intentional and meaningful relationships.
Does this information have you feeling unsure, unsatisfied and confused about what kind of outlook or impact you are extracting from this world?
I have some questions for you that will have you reaching from the inside out and could be the catalyst in breaking open your fears just enough for you to burst into a whole other level of undeniable satisfaction.
1 In a year from now how will your life be different? Think about what’s not perfect in your world, a self-destructive habit or pattern, stressful debt, loneliness, lack of confidence... It only takes 21 days of consistency to change a habit or pattern.
Start by resolving bad habits now so next month, your future is brighter!
2 How are you investing in your relationships?
The research from Psychiatrist George Vaillant's shows what we already know; Love is the key to happiness, even if we are in great physical health, succeeding in work and stockpiling tons of money. Without loving relationships, we wouldn't be happy. The longitudinal study showed happiness depends on two things: "One is love, the other is finding a way of coping with life that does not push love away."
Get your love on this week! Savor the relationships you have with your partner, pets or most importantly yourself!
3 What do you do for fun?
Some of us are in too deep and completely off balance if we have to think about this one! On your deathbed you will never say, “Man, I really wished I would have worked more.” If working too much isn’t your problem you also will never say“Yup, should have watched more TV.”
Log off....yes, I mean it! Shut down the phone, step away from your computer or TV and get outside to reconnect with your playful ways.
4 What are you grateful for?
It’s been proven that gratitude correlates with better mood and sleep, higher confidence, and lower fatigue and inflammation. Feel you don't have anything to be thankful for?
Gratitude can be simple. Think of the little things like food, electricity, running water and a roof over your head.
5 What nice thing can you do for someone else today? Being kind to others is an fantastic way to boost your mood. My favorite kindness hack is buying the person behind me a coffee and not telling them ; ). Even little thing can make a big difference in someone's day.
Give someone your spot in line, be there for a friend who just needs a moment to decompress.
6 What have been your biggest mistakes? Or I like to call these learning moments. Chances are, your mistakes taught you valuable lessons that no doubt built your strengthen and courage to continue onward.
Let your learning moments mold your future decisions with mindfulness and reflective wisdom.

Lets live our lives to the fullest and leave this place feeling fulfilled and happy!

❤ I know I'm working on it ❤

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