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Aging Mindfully

As we get older our body changes in pretty much every area. From our cells & organs to our bone destiny, flexiblity elasticity, memory & all starts to shift.

It is inevitable, we will age....but how gracefully we do it can make a big difference!

Many of us are doing all we can to prevent this, we are fighting the fight with healthy eating habits, daily workouts, meditation & mindfulness.

Remember : You are never too young, nor to old to start living a healthy lifestyle!

My theory, my quest is about finding the balance of ALL three cornerstones of life, MIND, BODY & SPIRIT.

I'm sure that's not the first time you've heard this, (because it's the true). When there is a balance within this triangular structure there is usually harmony & good health all around!

Are you "hitting the gym hard" AND giving your body the healthy food, massage, chiropractic, warm bath soak, good night's rest it needs to recover.

Are you spending time unwinding your mind from a stressful day just by taking 5 minutes to sit still, to listen to your breathe or journal to "empty out your thoughts & worries"

Are you mindful of your thoughts, noticing when you are in a rut of negative ones, that you can choose to find the positive in any situation (this is a skill, a muscle that we can strengthen, of course, by choice)

Let's go deeper here for a sec. Our mind is more powerful than ANY muscle in our body. Quatum physics anyone? So when we do come across pain & injuries, I encourage you as you seek care (doc, massage, acupuncture, chiro, whatever you feel works for you) don't just rely on that exterior experience of healing, I encourage you to also send mental care to that area of the body. Thoughts of positive affirmations, a daily mantra, "my (insert ailment here) is strong & healthy. Use your imagination, maybe a sense of white cleansing light to wash away & heal your body for a few minutes at the end of your day!

This may sound "woo-woo" & crazy, but there are proven studies from the cream of the crop doctors, specialists & facilities that this is a huge part of healing our bodies!

An "I am" statement backed up by actions is a great way to build your "positive thoughts" muscle!


I am smart because I choose a healthy balanced meal instead of hitting the fast food drive through.

I am in tune because I listened to my body & chose to take care of my back pain (ice, heat, rest, massage)& send positive thoughts of a healthy body instead of waiting until it got unbearable.

I am grounded & clear on my intentions because i took the time to stop, breathe & make mindful decisions that allow me to live to my highest potential.

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