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I ran into a friend the other day and he said to me "Amie what's going on, you're glowing, you look amazing, your energy, WOW.. (pause) ... " OMG!! did you meet someone, did you fall in love!" I giggled and replied, "YES!, yes I did, I met someone".....and with a huge smile I said, "I MET ME, I met myself ...I fell in love with myself!" 😁❤😁❤ The most important relationship you'll ever have in your life is with yourself .....just like any relationship, I've been taking the time, energy and effort to cultivate love and compassion for myself. Something I've been working on and so again and again, every day I choose to fall in love with myself. I give the things I want, need and desire to myself and it's overwhelmingly awesome! And when my God-Man shows up, then all the merrier! I even find ways to love the things I don't necessarily "love" about me, (pimples, scars, wrinkles, cellulite) some days are harder than others- LOL ~~~~ None the less. I choose myself first so that I am overflowing with love so I can give love to others. ----

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