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A Beginners Guide to Meditation 

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a Beginners guide to meditation

Picture this.....

Alarm goes off.

Eyes barely open, you pick up your phone.

You see the overflow of emails, texts and news alerts pouring in.

You feel your heart beating faster & a knot in your stomach.

So much to do today.

You scroll through social media, here comes the comparison game..

UGH, not helping.

Flooded with emotions of stress and overwhelm and

 you haven't even gotten out of bed yet.

Now Imagine...

You wake up feeling energized.

You choose to not pick up your phone


Instead, you lay in bed for a moment of gratitude

Reflecting on the positive thoughts you feel asleep & feel

the excitement for this new day.


You send positive vibes to your friends and family.

You settle into a meditation and feel a sense of joy fill you up.

When you open your eyes after meditating,

you're ready for the day.

It feels good, YOU feel Good

This is not an illusion.

This feeling of love, peace & freedom IS available to you.


It can be your reality every single day.

I am proof that it is possible, that a simple effective,

mindful meditation practice can profoundly change your life,

because it has changed my life.

Why I started meditating...

Meditation is a game changer when it comes to boosting confidence, cultivating self love, positive emotions and compassion. 


Science agrees! There are 1000's of scientific studies on how we can mold or "upgrade" our brain and meditation is proven to be the #1 way to do it. 

40 million adults in the U.S. suffer from Anxiety & Overwhelm

We're living in a world that's constantly on the go. Trying to juggle it all: career, relationships, family and health, feeling overwhelmed and anxious AND more unfulfilled then ever before!

If you've ever been consumed with trying to "do it ALL" or played the comparison game of keeping up with the "Jone's" you know how mentally exhausting it can be. Not to mention, it doesn't leave you with any capacity to focus on your dreams, passion, or making a difference in the world. 

The question now is, what happens if nothing changes? 


Every single person in this world matters. YOU MATTER! You are powerful, unique and meant to live a successful, calm and joyful life. When you are feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed it's nearly impossible to focus on what's important to you. You end up feeling exhausted, frustrated and often disempowered. Instead of taking action you hand your power over to your anxiety and ultimately not living the life you want.


Shift your MIND guided meditations are an easy and effective. Specifically designed for healing anxiety and depression, rejuvenating your mind and body and making peace with the past so you can step into the world with clarity, focus and confidence. 


It's time to take your power back!

Here's what to you'll find inside

MINDSET - RESET MEDITATION: A soothing and cleansing meditation to release all negative thoughts and emotions lingering in your physiology

PRIME & ENERGIZE MEDITATION: An energizing meditation to help you stay focused and clear, while reducing anxiety, overwhelm and depression. Great for mornings and a mid-day "pick me up" and say goodbye to coffee!


BREATHE OUT ANXIETY, BREATHE IN FREEDOM: A scientifically proven meditation that releases anxiety immediately 

POSITIVE BODY IMAGE MEDITATION: restore your relationship with your body

INNER CHILD CONNECTION MEDITATION: Reconnect with your roots and feel that unconditional love ag



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