Anxiety, weight gain, fatigue, panic attacks, snapping at loved ones, low sex drive, or depression…


These are just a few of the symptoms that Amie helps her clients eliminate in her Shift Method program. Typically feeling more clear, focused & confident, finally sleep through the night and springing out of bed in the morning. 


The SHIFT Method is a process where she aligns mind/body/heart healing, through cognitive subconscious reprogramming, breathe work among other modalities to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. 

She loves to watch her clients limiting beliefs melt away, see them blossom as their confidence is fully restored, and living their lives in a healthy balanced way with ease.



Hi Love-

I believe a balance of all elements of you, Head, Heart & Body is the key to living a happy healthy and prosperous life.  I consult and coach clients privately all around the world via video chat and phone sessions, and locally in Los Angeles, CA.


Often we are held back mentally, emotionally and physically by traumatic past experiences that we may or may not even realize we are holding on to.  It's time to SHIFT:

  • Release past trauma from your mind, body and spirit

  • Restore to your highest self into a state of healthy and happy wellbeing?

  • Reset your life and live with the confidence to create a flow that produces the best version of YOU!

You are a unique human being and so together we will create a formula that focuses on your goals and intentions for a more balanced life. In our initial consultation, as a team, we will create an action plan that will produce achievable steps as well as an overall plan to what our journey will  look like. Meeting once a week works well for some clients, others every other week, or perhaps once a month, this will depend what will best meet your needs and schedule. 

In full support, 



These tools and techniques have worked for thousands of people to improve and transform their lives. They can be customized to fit any person, in any situation, during any season of their life and you can create lasting change by using these.


  • Repeating old habits & patterns

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Negative Thoughts

  • Depression

  • Low Energy & low Self Esteem

  • Not living a full & balanced life


  • Create new & healthy patterns & habits

  • Think more positively

  • Communicate more clearly

  • Live with Confidence

  • Build Self Worth & Self Esteem 

  • Connect to your Purpose

The Shift Breakthrough 1:1

12  weeks 


The breakthrough intense cleanse and shift in a course of 12 sessions. Each session, via meeting up 1:1 on video chat we will use various tools and techniques to release, restore and reset yourself. Everything is customized to fit the unique needs of your goals and lifestyle.  This is a program designed to guide you to finding your healthiest version of you by releasing habits and patterns, clearing past traumas, learning valuable tools and techniques along with guidance in shifting and setting your goals to live the life you desire, 


Includes: 8 - 60-minute sessions; PDF documents to set action plans, smart goals and more, plus unlimited access to me via text and email to ask questions and get support while we go through the process.

What others are saying

"Amie really helped me explore my edges with honesty"

​Any transformation comes with a bit of discomfort and this Amie was really great at helping me explore my edges with honesty to find and face whatever it is I needed to move through. The exercises were very therapeutic, the workouts were challenging, yet attainable.  I now have tools that I will continue to use on my journey of breaking through any other personal areas of struggle. This was such a supportive and loving program to help me step back into my personal power!

Layla N.

"Opened my eyes to the richness of relationships" 

I had several personal and work goals that I wanted to balance in order to be the best version of myself.  I was not able to achieve these goals on my own as I kept getting in the way.  Amie guided me on this journey.  Amie challenged me to think differently about myself and to let go of past beliefs, patterns , and habits. With her assistance I was able to  find more balance in my life, to communicate better, to open my eyes to the richness of relationships, and the beauty in this world.

Todd F.


 "You want a balanced life - this is for you!"

I used to be so hard on myself, a constant stream of negative thoughts and assumptions of the worst outcomes plus, comparing myself to others. I would either feel like I wasn’t as good or just didn't fit in. This course has helped me realize my true potential. Now I can identify my patterns and habits and stop them in my thoughts to prevent the landslide of actions. The combination of the daily meditations helped relieve my stress & stay on point.  If you want to open your mind and become a better human being, then you have to work with Amie. 

Eric M.


"Finally! Balance between my job, kids, partner and personal time!"

An incredible experience!  I was able to recognize and release old habits that were no longer serving me. I can now implement useful tools and techniques in my daily life to help me stay focused and balanced between my job, raising a family, my partner and finding time for myself. The workouts, nutrition guide and recipes, right on point. I now believe that my deepest desires are attainable, physically, mentally and emotionally, that self-love is crucial and most importantly I know that I am enough. 

Sarah M.