Amie shares her personal journey with VoyageLA!

How she shifted, turning tragedy, anxiety & depression into triumph which lead her into living her dream life of guiding others to shift into happier, healthier more balanced lives! 


Ever feel like you're missing something when it comes to manifesting your dream life?

 This episode is especially for you gorgeous! Today we're joined by Integrative Wellness and Empowerment Coach, Amie Barsky.

  • What you can expect from Amie’s coaching and offerings

  • Taking manifesting beyond he vision board

  • Turning obstacles into opportunity

  • How to be prepared for all the awesome shit you’re praying for

  • Why FEAR does not have to stand for Fuck Everything and Run
  • The massive growth opportunities in breakdowns
  • Praying with purpose
  • Holistic approaches to achieve any goal

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#10. Balance From The Inside Out with Amie Barsky

Released Feb 05, 2019

Join Elizabeth from The Riveter West LA as she speaks with Amie Barsky about finding balance, healing from the inside out, working on the self to find happiness and self care.


Ep. 67 Yoga Teacher/Empowerment Coach Amie Barsky

Need to get your momentum moving?

Listen to this! 

Welcome today's guest,  Amie Barsky, an Integrative Wellness and Empowerment Coach and creator of The Shift: a Head, Heart and Body Breakthrough.


Sharon Koenig's Fearless Pursuits Podcast....

Does creating more success in your business keep you up at night? Maybe to the point where you're dealing with fear, doubt and a whole lot of inner angst.

At the same time, you're still on fire with a passion that stirs your soul. You're determined to bring your gifts AND your message to the world.

Intuitively, we all know that we need to come from a heart-centered place to play a bigger game. Yet, all too often, we get caught up in the small stuff and can't reach our dreams. Even worse, we don't feel good in the process and lose motivation to keep going.

If you want to take action with your goals and you want a better way to do it so you can stop all the rumination that makes you feel a bit cray-cray, then listen in as my special guest Amie Barsky and I help you learn;

  • A better way that feels good.

  • A way that doesn’t inject judgement.

  • A way that centers you.

  • A way that allows you to balance all that you do...

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Amie joins Melissa Impett Podcast

EP. 121Beautifully Built : Inside & Out


Amie vulnerably shares so much about her journey down this road to coming out of a dark place. With serious tragedy in her family, her story of healing herself is incredibly inspirational.