Laser Coaching

What is Laser Coaching?


This is how we “hit the spot” and get maximum results in minimal time.


Think of it as a “tune -up” where we focus on a specific challenge or goal.


And, guess what?


This “quickie” will get you results 3x faster than months of therapy because the work is designed to propel you into mindful action with full accountability and support.








What does the work look like?

 I provide a confidential space that allows us to work in a highly focused way on the specific challenges you are currently and want to move through with maximum efficiency and potency.


Like Ninjas we will go in and see what your subconscious mind is up to.  


My approach integrates the head, heart and body by utilizing cognitive exercises, neuroscience and Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP (The Science of Subconscious Transformation). 


This work is unique in every way and designed for you – we will identify your blocks and your desires.


I will help you unplug from the programs that are holding you back, create new habit patterns and ways of being that will allow you to attract & live the life you really desire. (And if your true desires seem a bit unclear, not to worry! I’ll help you create clarity).


Because guess what? I’ve been there.


For years, I was a functioning depressant. On the outside my life looked perfect, but on the inside I was in a very dark place of depression AND severe anxiety. I was consumed by a daily pattern of self- sabotage which caused me tremendous suffering.


Let me help empower you. I’ll support and guide you to your own truth by asking you power questions. I’ll help you cut to the chase, recognize what’s holding you back, keeping you small and unsatisfied….and then I’ll help you apply the best solution to move forward.

































Then Laser coaching is for YOU!


 What are the benefits of laser coaching?

·       Provides immediate on the spot coaching support to deal with challenges in the moment

·       Provides an invaluable external and objective perspective on issues at hand

·       Cost efficient way of providing coaching


What can I expect from laser coaching?

At the start of the session, getting clarity on the session outcomes is paramount. So, expect to define what you want to achieve from the session(s) and be asked lots of questions. I will be a trusted partner, a fresh pair of eyes and ears, a confidential sounding board for you to bounce and share ideas and solutions. This will enable you to hone your thinking, finding new perspectives and solutions.

Laser coaching may be one session or up to three sessions depending on the issue being presented, the duration will be agreed upfront.


Sessions are offered in-person or virtual.

  • Are you tired of doing the same thing & getting the same results?

  • Do you want to stop looping the same story over and over?

  • Are you in need of a shift in perspective?

  • Would you love some guidance on how to think more clearly?

  • Would you love support in making smarter choices?

  • Would you like to be empowered to finding your own solutions?