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Shift your Body

Tired of

  • low energy

  • yo - yo diets 

  • expensive gyms  

  • unsustainable meal plans 


Ready to Love the Skin your in? 

With the proven plan: Shift your BODY you’ll feel confident in making the changes you’ve been seeking!

Shift your BODY is a 30 day body breakthrough training guide that will help you tap into your inner athlete. 

This program is comprised of fun & effective workouts you can do anywhere, anytime with minimal equipment, accompanied with positive affirmations, nutrition guides and some of my favorite recipes.  

Shift your Heart

Are you feeling

  • Anxious & Overwhelmed

  • Stuck, Unclear

  • Uncertain, Unworthy of your goals?

Clear out the clutter, Reclaim your Life!  

Shift your Heart has helped thousands of people break their old patterns, beliefs into creating new empowering beliefs immediately. If you are finally ready for a breakthrough, ready to step into the life you've been dreaming of, this is the perfect program for you.  

Shift your Mind

Meditation is a game changer when it comes to boosting confidence, cultivating self love, positive emotions and compassion. 


Science agrees! There are 1000's of scientific studies on how we can mold or "upgrade" our brain and meditation is proven to be the #1 way to do it. 

The Shift: All in One                    Breakthrough 

a ONE STOP SHOP for balancing ALL of you!


This online training program is for people who are seeking what I was seeking, an actual SHIFT in all areas of my life- in my head space, heart space and physical body space.


In this program I have practical exercises, insightful information, kick ass workouts, nutrition guidance, delicious recipes, inspiring challenges that’s going to give you the freedom to explore and expand mentally, physically and emotionally.

This is specifically designed to close the gap between where you are to where you deserve to be.

 The Shift: LIVE EVENT

Are you ready to heal old patterns of self-sabotage and create real long-term change?

Are you ready to stop procrastinating on your dreams, and create the success you deserve?

The Shift workshop was created to connect you to your deepest sense of self, in a very safe environment. In this safe space you are guided through various exercises so that you can gain knowledge and awareness of yourself and start the SHIFT into creating freedom to live a happy, healthy and whole life

  • Release past Habits & Patterns

  • Remove Disruptive Thoughts & Beliefs

  • Reset your Mind 

  • Restore your Confidence

  • Reclaim your Power 


WHERE: Ojai,  CA

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