Your Confidence 

A Beginners Guide to Meditation 

Crack open your confidence with these 4 guided meditations you'll get instantly 

Meditation is a game changer when it comes to boosting confidence, cultivating self love, positive emotions and compassion. In this series of guided meditations you will cleanse negative thoughts, ignite your inner fire, and restore your self worth & confidence. 

This series includes:

  • MINDSET - RESET MEDITATION to release all negative thoughts and emotions lingering in your physiology

  • POSITIVE BODY LOVE MEDITATION: restore your relationship with your body

  • INNER CHILD CONNECTION MEDITATION: Reconnect with your roots and reclaiming your power

  • PRIME & ENERGIZE MEDITATION: Feel energized, focused and clear, while reducing anxiety, overwhelm and depression. You'll never need coffee again! 

Once you receive your guided meditations, keep it simple! Choose one, get comfortable and press play.

I’ll guide you. Get ready to feel good!