Movement Coach

Private Sessions

I offer private training to you who are ready to step into the physical body you've always desired. Tailoring your workouts, guiding you through nutrition and creating a program that is attainable and sustainable.  

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Group Classes Schedule

Veda Yoga Reserve your spot

Tuesday @4:00pm 

Friday @12 noon 

Namaste Yoga Reserve your spot

Tuesday @7:30am

Thursday @8:00am

Wednesday @7:30pm (acro yoga)

Benefits include but not limited to:

  • Increase Mental Strength & Balance

  • Increase Muscle Strength & Balance

  • Increase Flexibility

  • Increase Body and Mind Awareness

  • Reduce Stress

  • Reduce Tenstion

  • Reduce Anxiety

  • Release Toxins

  • Sleep optimization

An encompassing experience of creating flexibly and strength for your mind just as much as your body. 

As a certified fitness,yoga and pilates instructor I love tailoring your sessions to your needs. One or the other or perhaps a hybrid of all you can't go wrong. I will customize each session to your personal goals, while exploring range of motion in the physical body as well as the mind. An opportunity to use each breathe & pose as a gateway to create space internally and externally.


Imagine fitness as a playful way to build trust, communication, and connection within ones self and a partner. is also know as TRUST yoga

Imagine your inner child bursting with laughter and joy as we experience. With ZERO experience needed, An incredibly gentle way to improve communication skills, increase positive thought patterns, build confidence and body awareness while adventuring into the dynamic exploration of the art of acrobatics, yoga and dance in the physical body. With the combination of art and sport of movement and meditation, from basics to advanced, the goal is to create safe and respectful space to play and explore.