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The    Shift

A Head, Heart & Body Breakthrough

"Successful people start before they are ready!" 

Hi -


I'm Amie Barsky and I'm so excited to introduce myself to you. I'm an entrepreneur, self development thought leader and a certified Integrative Wellness & Empowerment Coach.

I have an extensive background in fitness with certifications in yoga, acro yoga and pilates as well as numerous other fitness modalities. 


Truth be told, ​I was exceedingly unhappy for many years, though my life seemed "perfect" from the outside, I was crumbling on the inside. I was living an unbalanced life marked by depression and severe anxiety, unhealthy foods, and unhealthy thoughts.


I was uncertain about life and each day felt like roller coaster with no self love in sight.So....I quit! I was at rock bottom for the last time..and finally, I left everything behind. Removing the toxicities in my life I was able to commit to my personal shift.  

I'm a firm believer that we all deserve to live fun, fulfilling and balanced lives.  I've been successful at shifting my life mentally, physically and emotionally and I compelled to share these insights and tools so that YOU can all live a happier, healthier life. ​

With that goal in mind, I became an Integrative Wellness & Empowerment Coach and created The Shift: a 30 day head, heart and body Breakthrough. This program offers ways to create balance on ALL areas of your life, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Are you struggling with anxiety and depression? Let's continue your shift and create new pathways into an even more empowering and energetic life!